The third-largest city in Pinellas County, Largo is centrally located in the county and serves as a comfortable bedroom community for people who work in St. Petersburg and Tampa. From 1905 to 2010, Largo’s considerable appeal caused this small town to grow from just one-half of a square mile in size and just 300 residents to 19 square miles in size and over 70,000 residents.

Largo has a rich history as one of the major citrus exporters during Florida’s agriculture boom. Until the 1960s, the city was almost entirely agricultural land, a cultivation project that developed during the Orange Belt Railroad period. Largo was once dubbed Citrus City for its national renown in producing some of the best fruit in the nation.

Largo’s growth is also reflected in its economic development. The city has lower unemployment, higher job growth, and lower taxes than the U.S. average. And as Lago is dedicated to creating a safe, pleasant, and rewarding environment for raising children, Largo supports families with several options for schooling. The city is home to Oakhurst Elementary, Largo Middle School, Largo High School, and over a dozen private and charter school options.

Largo is just seven miles from Clearwater Beach, an approximately 12-minute drive. Also, the city is home to the popular Highland Family Aquatic Center for days when beach traffic is high. Largo hosts several shopping centers and department stores to ensure locals have what they need without commuting to another city. Jam’s Produce on Clearwater Largo Rd offers daily produce and citrus, a testament to Largo’s history as a citrus producer. Largo offers world class golfing at the Largo Golf Course, and the local Largo Intercoastal Marina services any and every boating-related need, from storage to launching and maintenance.

Largo has many parks and preserved nature centers. Residents and visitors enjoy Eagle Lake Park, Largo Central Park & Nature Preserve, John S. Taylor Park, John R. Bonner Nature Park, and George C. McGough Nature Park. The Florida Botanical Gardens is also located in Largo, one of the best depictions of natural beauty in Pinellas. The Pinellas Trail runs the length of Largo, offering residents four miles of paved trail from one side of Largo to the other for walking, cycling, jogging, and pet exercise.

The City of Largo hosts several annual events, including:

  • The Lago Sports Challenge
  • International Tree Day
  • The Underwater Egg Hunt
  • The McGough Park Community Garage Sale
  • Largo Palooza
  • Largo Live
  • Play
  • Central Park Train Rides
  • The Memorial Day Ceremony
  • Fourth of July Fireworks